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Smoking area Bars - Clubs - Bowlings

According to the regulations in force, bars, discotheques and tenpin bowlings are a part of places where the smoking ban is applied.

With this law, the people addictes in the tobacco go to see their a little reduced freedom. For information, about 30 % of the population smokes or approximately 3 million people. Thus it is a real clientele to be taken into account.
A solution is going to allow you to reconcile respect for the legislation and freedom of each of your customers. This is possible with the organized by space smoker.

Why choose to install smoking areas in your facility ?

Develop the sales of your establishment business

- By allowing the installation of smoking areas you will preserve and develop your sales. Your guests could eat within the smoking area. Therefore, they will stay longer in your facility
- The set-up of a smoking area will also allow you to observe the arrival of a new clientele.

Promote the well-being of your customers

- You'll create a convivial area and a place to meet new people.
- When installing a smoking area, you convey a different image of your establishment. You make the choice to give to your smoking customers their space of freedom back. Smokers can indulge in their pleasures without the fear of disturbing non-smokers. At the same time you set yourself apart from your competitors.

Avoid complaints and administrative closures

- You avoid the constant back and forth from your smoking customers that may interfere with the proper organization of your institution
- You avoid further complaints of nocturnal nuisances but also fights that would likely result in administrative closures.

Enjoy an affordable solution

- Abandon the idea that the set-up of a smoking area is a luxury. Indeed, we have models for every budget. .
- Financial solutions, subject to the approval of the finance company, are also proposed.
- The management alternative to smoking areas is an inexpensive solution, and the return on investment is rapid.

Benefit from our experience

- Our company, A2TECH has emerged as one of the first companies in the field of marketing space for smokers.
- With several years of experience, we were the first to propose solutions to businesses meeting the standards of the french decree of November 2006 regarding anti-tobacco legislation.
- We have know-how to ensure the creation, installation and maintenance of your smoking areas.

Benefit from our adaptability

- We are looking for you the best solutions in harmony with the style of your business and meet its specifications.
- Our Smoking areas are designed in compliance with the existing architecture of your facility.

Cabins for smokers

Since a few months we looked for a solution for our employees so that they can have a place specially dedicated to the relaxing space of the smokers. We contacted Area Clean who brought us a solution adapted to our structure.




The installation came true very quickly and the cabin is independent from the structure and it has no smell furthermore it is very esthetic with its aluminum frame anthracite.




We wished to bring a total comfort to the employees who until now were obliged to go outside to smoke in front of the building. From now on our employees have a space smoker dedicated near coffee machines.




Certificate of conformity of the space smoker

At the end of the works, we make a commitment to free deliver you a certificate of conformity.

This one is to be supplied during controls. She gives evidence of your perfect conformity with the decree 2006-1386 of November 15th, 2006.

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